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Nov 15 - Nov 16, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego

  This year's show has been one of our best ever. Despite the volume of activities on-going, classes, meetings, and dealines, many associates came out to see the show. With the introduction of partitipation of the artists' members, the show is becoming more diverse, yet remains personal. Thank you all for a Great Show. Here's the list of all the participants this year:
Andi Stout Bears and porcelain dolls
Bill ThomasPaintings of his children/his own
Bruce QuinnPoetry Book
Carol Gand (Bruce Quinn's sister)Book illustration
Dan Filtz NEON Painting
Daniel Van Oil Paintings
Don LowePhotography
Jerelyn LoweWater color paintings
Kevin GoldPhotography
James KirchmerFlower Arrangement
Sue KirchmerRAKU Potteries
James Sanders Photography
Janice WarnerPainting
Jean SommersCeramics & Mosaics
Barbara WeaverCeramics & Mosaics
Joe FlemmingWood turning crafts
Karen GanschowPhotography & Photo CD projected
Sabrina LeeChinese Brush paintings of her aunt
Steve Schlesinger Digital Photography
Vicki FinleyPhotography

And here are some pictures of the show...Click on each to see an enlarged view.
Courtesy of Steve Schlesinger

Dan Van
Ann Marie live

Ann Marie Hellwig
20" x 24"

Live Demo
Painting Flora

Andi Stout's Dolls
..and stuff bears
Bruce Quinn's Poetry
and Illustration

Bill Thomas' Oil Paintings
Bill's children's wood

Barbara Weavers
Painted Porcelains

Dan Filtz's Avant
Garde Paintings

Only Dan Fitlz's
Kevin Gold's Spectacular
Golden Gate Bridge Photo

Daniel Van's Oil Paintings of European and Japanese scenes...

Diane Ohanian's Retrospectives - Watercolor Paintings

Don Lowe's
Janice Warner's Oil
Joe Flemming's 
Wood Turning

James Sanders' Photography

Jean Sommers'
Porcelain Plates

Karen Ganschow's Photography and CD show.

James and Sue Kirchmer's RAKU Pottery and Flower Arrangement

Jerelyn Lowe's Watercolor
Sabrina Lee's Aunt
Chinese Brush Paintings

Steve Schlesinger's Digital Photography

1999 Fall Show (Dec-99)

1999 Spring Show (Jan-1999)

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Last updated Nov 25 2000

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